Collectors fairs ENDS at 18-01-2021

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Dear Visitors

First of all I hope that you are all and remain healthy. We've all had a strange year. No trade fairs can run, not being able to make a filakrant and can't hold meetings.

It is still uncertain what will happen in 2021. We have not yet gotten rid of Covid-19, even though the vaccinations have started in the Netherlands. We do not yet know what the future will look like, what is allowed and what is not allowed when an event can be organized again. One thing I know for sure, it will never be the way it was.

For 21 years I have set up 40 beautiful trade fairs with heart and soul during the first 15 years together with Evert. He passed away suddenly on March 30, 2015. After that I continued with a lot of help from youth leaders and volunteers also from “Samenwerkingsverband Filatelie”, also assisted by Tom Passon and Hans Kraaibeek (Hans died on June 23, 2020). I am therefore grateful to everyone for what we have all achieved together over the years.

Now that we cannot run any trade fairs this year either, the fixed costs will continue as usual. Must now make choices, how to proceed and is it still feasible.

That is why I have decided that it is no longer feasible. I quit V.O.V.V. trade fairs and the Filakrant.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your trust and support over all these years. You are all doing well, stay healthy and enjoy the things we can still do. Cherish the beautiful trade fairs that we have created together.

Sincerely, Pamela Bergsma

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